Inside a designers head

A common question that customers raise is “how will I know your design will fit my taste?”

The first and most important factor that should deal with this concern is the fact that the design is made for the customer and not for the designer.

A professional designer should know how to design a product in any style that the customer desires, and most importantly know to follow the design language of the field, heavy machinery will always have a different styling from a beauty product.

With all this said, since design is a more emotional part in the development process then others, maybe a bit more is needed to help reassure people they have made the right choice.

That’s why I decided to expose my personal pinterest account, this way anyone can see what I find beautiful.

As I said this is my personal account, not censored, not edited, not sorted, and contains a variety of images that I find beautiful or sexy, the decision to expose it to potential customers is one of great transparency and I hope more people will enjoy it then be offended by its content.